Golden Ticket Winners – 22nd March



This week we took a closer look at our British Values and how they affect Family Dining at lunchtimes. We all agreed that mutual respect was a vital ingredient for any happy dining experience so we explored some of the ways that we could make sure that everyone shows this in every part of our lunchbreak.

In order to help our understanding in assembly, some of us played the role of some Mr Men characters who really don’t understand how to show respect for others and one who really does. I wonder if you can spot the one that is always surrounded by people showing respect for others?


Congratulations to the following children who always show respect for others through their thoughts, words and actions …

Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!



Ali – Grayling 1,  Archie – Meadow 1, Maia – Skipper 1, Amy – Grayling 2, Emily – Meadow 2, Joanna – Skipper 2, Annabella – Grayling 3, Molly – Meadow 3, Ebonie – Skipper 3, Logan – Grayling 4, Harley – Meadow 4, Ruby – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!