Golden Ticket Winners – 23rd February



This week we started a new theme ‘Relationships’ and we began by thinking about the ingredients that are needed to create a good friendship. We looked at some famous partnerships that we all know and realised that friendships are formed in many different ways.
The following children have shown us that they know how to make strong and lasting friendships based on mutual respect and that they make a positive difference to the people around them.
Well done to …

Finley – Grayling 1, Alecia – Meadow 1, Ella – Skipper 1, Summer – Grayling 2, Leah – Meadow 2, Ebonie – Skipper 2, Henri – Grayling 3, Rufus – Meadow 3, Emily – Skipper 3, Jack – Grayling 4, Rosie – Meadow 4, Faith – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!