Golden Ticket Winners – 23rd September


This week we took part in the ‘World’s Largest Lesson’ and thought about the Global Goals and their role in making our world an even better place. We thought about how it would feel if we lived in a country where we were only allowed to do things if we were a boy or a girl and we decided that that wouldn’t be fair as at Damers every child respects every other child’s right to learn.

The following children have shown us how important learning is to them and how they always respect everyone else’s right to learn …


Courtney – Grayling 1, Logan – Meadow 1, Tally – Skipper 1, Sophie – Grayling 2, Nicholas – Meadow 2, Dane – Skipper 2, Zac – Grayling 3, Feba – Meadow 3, Amber – Skipper 3, Hollie – Grayling 4, Layla – Meadow 4, Eliie – Skipper 4, Nikita – Copper Base 

Enjoy your disco in the pool!