Golden Ticket Winners – 24th March


This week, with the help of Des the ceramic artist that has been working with the whole school, we have focused on the healthy choices that people can make to lead a long and happy life. Mrs Smith spent a day on Des’s farm and showed us some photographs of his amazing art studios, his beautiful home, his pig and his goats. We decided that Des was a perfect example of the power of mindset, individual liberty and effort as we saw how he has created something so beautiful and purposeful from very little.

The following children have shown us that they too understand that with effort and perseverance, anything is possible …


Aleesha – Grayling F, Wiktoria, Annabelle & Marcus – Skipper F, Annabella – Grayling 1, Grace – Meadow 1, Gabi – Skipper 1, Toby – Grayling 2, Rufus – Meadow 2, Jasmine – Skipper 2, Paige – Grayling 3, Lilli – Meadow 3, Dylan – Skipper 3, Joe – Grayling 4, Hazel – Meadow 4

…They know that ‘Individual Liberty’ isn’t about doing whatever you like, but it is about having the freedom to ‘do the right thing’.

Well done to all and enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!