Golden Ticket Winners – 5th January


This week we have been thinking about the resolutions that people make for the new year and which ones really make a difference. We decided that together we would actually like to make some changes that would make the world an even better place. With the help of Eve and Tom’s amazing acting skills in assembly we thought about how we can change our actions for the better even when things happen that are difficult to deal with and are beyond our control, as we know that our actions can change how everyone around us feels too.

The following children have shown us that they are determined to make our world an even better place through the positive ‘ripples’ that they send out to other people.

Congratulations to …


Noah – Grayling 1, Bella – Meadow 1, Morgan – Skipper 1, Shuhana – Grayling 2, Ben – Meadow 2, Lily – Skipper 2, Sophie – Grayling 3, Oliver – Meadow 3, Michael – Skipper 3, Isobel – Grayling 4, Lilli-Marie – Meadow 4, Ryan – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!