Golden Ticket Winners – 24th November


Last week was ‘Anti-Bullying’ week and we celebrated this with a focus on ‘Friendship Pals’. Every child and adult in the school was assigned a Friendship Pal for the week and it was their task to make their Pal feel good all week. The following children showed that this could be done quite simply through kind words, a caring approach and sometimes the occasional bit of chocolate. Mrs Smith’s Friendship Pal helped her to keep up to date with the latest Disney characters!
Well done to the following children who took their role seriously and brightened up someone’s week …

Steven Blue Base, Joseph & Trey B1, Ellie R1, Anna Y1, Finley B2, Luca R2, Darcy Y2,

Brennan B3, Lola R3, William Y3, Alina B4, Rosie R4 and Harvey Y4

Enjoy your trip to the cafe!