Golden Ticket Winners – 25th Jan



Whilst focusing on how important it is to ‘keep on going’ when things are tricky, we have been thinking about the important role that other people play in keeping everyone motivated. 
Mrs Smith showed us a clip of the Brownlee Brothers competing in a Triathlon event in 2016 and the selfless role that Alistair Brownlee played in making sure that his brother completed the race when he was ready to give up. It made us really think about how important it is to help each other. 
The following children show us that they often put the needs of others before themselves too and do their best to help their friends when they are facing a big challenge.
Well done to …

Charlotte – Grayling 1,  Rhys – Meadow 1, James – Skipper 1, Jacob – Grayling 2, Noah – Meadow 2, Felipa – Skipper 2, Jacob – Grayling 3, Jack – Meadow 3, Jack – Skipper 3, Jasmine – Grayling 4, Caitlin – Meadow 4, Olivia – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!