Golden Ticket Winners – 25th November


This week we listened to the story of ‘The Lion Inside’ and had a think about what happens when someone tries to be like someone else to make themselves happy. We stopped during the story to give our advice to the little brown mouse and the lion and we told them all about one of our British Values (mutual respect) and the power of being unique. Throughout the week we have spotted children across our school giving advice to their friends about keeping this in mind when problems occur.

Well done to …



Jenson РGrayling 1, Austin РMeadow 1, Eve РSkipper 1, Joseph РGrayling 2, Jason РMeadow 2, Jackson РSkipper 2, Trey РGrayling 3, Tilly РMeadow 3, Borka РSkipper 3, Alfie РGrayling 4, Joseph РMeadow 4, Jayden РSkipper 4

who have all shown us that they are fantastic problem solvers.

Enjoy your ‘Disco in the Pool’!