Golden Ticket Winners – 28th June



This week has seen the introduction of a change to our Family Dining arrangements and has provided the ideal opportunity to look out for those children who understand and respect the changes that they see in other people. 

Our new strand dining tables have allowed us all to have a chat with children in different classes and year groups and we are gradually realising that we are all facing changes at this point in the year, but welcome the opportunity to learn from each other about how best to approach our concerns and worries. The following children have shown us that they are genuinely interested in others and are able to empathise with their concerns.
Congratulations to …

Riley – Grayling 1,  Rodrigo – Meadow 1, Joseph – Skipper 1, Harry – Grayling 2, Aiden – Meadow 2, Aumkar – Grayling 3, Ernie – Meadow 3, Gabi – Skipper 3, Daniel – Grayling 4, Billy, William & Toby – Meadow 4, Daisy & Alex – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!