Golden Ticket Winners – 29th April


This week we have been thinking about the times when we get a bit grumpy with one another, maybe due to disagreements with our friends or simply because a game hasn’t gone according to plan. We have so many children in our school who are always on the lookout for children who might be struggling with friendships or who need a helping hand when resolving a conflict. They make our school an even happier place to be!
Well done to our problem-solvers …

Merley, Oscar & Aumkar BF, Brooke & Tilly RF, Ellie YF, Rose B1, Emily R1, Jason Y1, Sienna B2, Ellie R2, Tilly Y2, Joe B3, Rhys R3, Casey Y3, Morgan B4, Charlotte R4, Arwyn Y4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket swim!