Golden Ticket Winners – 29th June



This week we have been looking at many of the different changes that we see happening all around us. Whether it’s what happens when you mix blue and green paint together, ice changing state or the life cycle of a butterfly we recognise that things rarely remain the same, that change is a natural thing to happen and that change can be exciting. We enjoyed seeing Mrs Smith when she was the same age as us and thought about everything that has changed for her since then.

The following children have shown us that they are experts in understanding and respecting the changes that they see in other people.
Well done to …

Rufus – Grayling 1,  Charlotte & Luana – Meadow 1, Isabella & Joanna – Skipper 1, Shuhana & Lexi – Grayling 2, Reese – Meadow 2, Cameron & Hari – Skipper 2. Jake – Grayling 3, Ella & Layla – Meadow 3, Pheobe – Skipper 3, Joseph – Grayling 4, Samuel – Meadow 4, Callum & Achsah – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!