Golden Ticket Winners – 29th November



With the help of the amazing Michael Rosen this week and the story of a bear hunt, we explored his theory on problem solving. We decided that it was never a good idea to simply run away from a problem as this would mean we would never see what lies beyond it. We decided that if we couldn’t go over it or couldn’t go under it we’d have to go through it!

The following children are fantastic problem solvers, showing great courage and determination to overcome challenges on a daily basis and helping others to do so too.
Well done to …

Sophia – Grayling 1,  Lacey – Meadow 1, Jack – Skipper 1, Charlotte – Grayling 2, Zach – Meadow 2, Mia – Skipper 2, Jaeden – Grayling 3, Emily – Meadow 3, Jacob – Skipper 3, Annabella – Grayling 4, Evelyn – Meadow 4, Blu-Belle & Lily – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!