Golden Ticket Winners – 2nd Dec


This week we have been thinking about one of the most powerful ways that we can affect other people’s feelings with the words that we choose to use. In Damers we always try to use kind words whenever we can, as we know how much better we feel when somebody says something kind to us. In fact we feel so strongly about this that we chose the word ‘kind’ as one of our four most important words in our school motto.The following children are a great example to us all, they chose their kind words carefully and always help to make the other children around them feel good.

Well done to …

Oscar – Grayling 1, Phoebe – Meadow 1, Celine – Skipper 1, Kyle – Grayling 2, Callum – Meadow 2, Ellen – Grayling 3, Paige – Meadow 3, Hope – Grayling 4, Bailey – Meadow 4, Harrison – Skipper 4

Enjoy your trip to the Damers Cinema!