Golden Ticket Winners – 2nd February


This week we have been thinking about the incredibly valuable role that we play in helping others to achieve their goals. Reverend Claire joined us for assembly on Monday and told us the story of the crow that wanted to drink water from a tall narrow jug and we watched as he managed to do it with a little help from his friends!

The following children have shown us that they are always willing to support others and to give them a helping hand or an encouraging word when needed. Well done to …

Isabella – Grayling 1, Seb – Meadow 1, Mackenzie – Skipper 1, Edie – Grayling 2, Jack – Meadow 2, Alex – Skipper 2, Jamie – Grayling 3, Ollie – Skipper 3, Kacey – Grayling 4, Mya – Meadow 4, Kai – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!