Golden Ticket Winners – 2nd November



‘Brave, Unique, Caring, Kind’ – four very important words that say a huge amount about the values that we feel are important in our school. This week we have been focused on the word ‘unique’ and our recognition that every single one of us is different. We really celebrate this in our school and try our best to accept the differences in others. The following children have shown us that they are absolute experts in recognising the beauty in individuality and never making judgements based on simple things like what someone looks/dresses or sounds like. They are all a joy to be around and are fantastic role models to others.

Well done to …

Daniel – Grayling 1,  Scarlett – Meadow 1, Freya – Skipper 1, Isabella – Grayling 2, Olive – Meadow 2, Oscar – Skipper 2. Courtney – Grayling 3, Leah – Meadow 3, Ethan – Skipper 3, Jamie – Grayling 4, Kira – Meadow 4, Emily – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!