Golden Ticket Winners – 3rd February


On Monday we looked at the story of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ and what it tells us about the importance of mindset and mutual respect. We could all recognise the feelings that the tortoise had at the beginning of the race and we enjoyed sharing our words of encouragement, watching the effect that our words had as the tortoise crossed the finishing line in style!

The following children are always on the look out for children in need of words of support and encouragement and they all take great pride in helping their friends to achieve their goals.

Well done to …


Charlie – Grayling 1, Ellie – Meadow 1, Alex – Skipper 1, Annabelle – Grayling 2, Amy – Meadow 2, James – Skipper 2, Isobel – Grayling 3, Verity – Meadow 3, Fardin – Skipper 3, Jasmine – Grayling 4, Freya – Meadow 4, Oscar – Skipper 4

Enjoy your trip to the Damers Cinema!