Golden Ticket Winners – 3rd May



We have been continuing our theme of ‘Healthy Me’ this week with a focus on those children who know how to keep themselves and others safe and healthy. As part of this Mrs Smith has thoroughly enjoyed hearing from so many chicken experts who have provided her with invaluable advice on how to keep our new additions safe and healthy too!

Well done to …

Bella – Grayling 1,  Harry – Meadow 1, Connor – Skipper 1, Cohan  – Grayling 2, Bibi – Meadow 2, Aindow – Grayling 3, Theo – Meadow 3, Leo – Skipper 3, Lois – Grayling 4, Farida – Meadow 4, Michael – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!