Golden Ticket Winners – 4th May



We have been continuing our ‘Healthy Me’ theme this week and have been thinking about all the different ways that we can be physically active during the school day. Some children in our school stand out as fantastic role models under this theme because of the choices that they make. Whether it’s cycling or scooting to school, walking, playing fun and active playground games or completing their Daily Mile with a smile, they show us all how much fun physical exercise can be.

Well done to …


Jay –  Grayling 1, Luana – Meadow 1, Kalli – Skipper 1, Alexander – Grayling 2, Gethyn – Meadow 2, Eve – Skipper 2, Isla – Grayling 3, Benji – Meadow 3, Lucie – Skipper 3, Kaidie – Meadow 4, Charlie – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!