Golden Ticket Winners – 4th November


This half term we are focusing on ‘Celebrating Difference’ and we started our week with a focus on what makes us ‘unique’. This is one of the words that we chose to be included in our new school motto as we always try our best to recognise that everyone is different and the differences are the things that make us all special. The following children have shown us that they put our school motto and our British Value of ‘mutual respect’ into practice every day, they accept that there are things that join us all together but they also welcome and celebrate the interesting bits that make us all different.

Well done to …


Edie – Grayling 1, Melissa – Meadow 1, Buddy – Skipper 1, Damien – Grayling 2, Kira – Meadow 2, Daisy – Skipper 2, Eliza – Grayling 3, Bradley – Meadow 3, Amber  – Skipper 3, Thea – Grayling 4, Matlida – Meadow 4, Harry – Skipper 4

Enjoy your trip to the Damers Cinema!