Golden Ticket Winners – 5th February


Last week we had a really good think about how we can support our friends when they are faced with challenges and the words that we can use to ensure that they don’t give up. In assembly we heard the story of Samindra, a little boy who was struggling to help his family to solve a problem and we all made sure that we gave Samindra the words of encouragement that he needed to keep on going.

Well done to the following children who have shown us that they always keep an eye on their friends and know how to respond if they see a friend struggling when faced with a challenge …

Shuhana BF, Leo RF, Carter YF, Charlie B1, Ollie R1, Toby Y1, Imogen B2, Willow R2, Luke Y2, Oliver B3, Olivia R3, Oliver Y3, Amelia B4, Arsalan R4, Amber Y4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket trip to the Damers Cinema!