Golden Ticket Winners – 6th January


This week we have been thinking about how hard it is to stay motivated when things become challenging but at Damers we recognise that this is a vital part of learning. 
The following children have shown us that no matter how difficult things appear at first, they all know how important it is to keep on trying because it’s only a sign that we can’t do something … ‘yet’! They all approach their challenges with a smile and also keep a supportive eye on the other children around them, encouraging them to also ‘keep on going’.
Well done to ….

Aumkar – Grayling 1, Jamie – Meadow 1, Oliver – Skipper 1, Aimee – Grayling 2, Toby – Meadow 2, Michael – Skipper 2, Rachel – Grayling 3, Lottie – Meadow 3, Bertram – Skipper 3, Sophie – Grayling 4, Ruby – Meadow 4, Riley – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket Disco Swim!