Golden Ticket Winners – 8th February



This week we all shared our new Roots and Shoots pledges for the spring term and this fitted beautifully with our search to find those children who are working hard to achieve their own dreams and goals. Some of these children have even shared their dreams and goals with their classes and have inspired this term’s pledge as a result of that! It is always great to see just how many of our dreams and goals at Damers focus on making our world an even better and more beautiful place.

Well done to …

Ben – Grayling 1,  Lucy – Meadow 1, Alfred – Skipper 1, Ameila – Grayling 2, Freddie – Meadow 2, Ivy – Skipper 2, Alex – Grayling 3, Molly – Meadow 3, Keenan – Skipper 3, Raddy – Grayling 4, Kash – Meadow 4, Ollie – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!