Golden Ticket Winners – 8th July 2016


This week was a very exciting week as everyone had a chance to spend some time in their new classes, whether that was in Damers or in one of the middle schools. We thought about how everyone feels a little nervous, adults and children, but with the help of a short film about the ‘Book of Butterflies’ we pictured the colour that we are about to bring to our new beginnings and how quickly a simple beginning changes to something quite amazing!
The following children have shown us that they know how to share their feelings about change and who to talk to if they feel nervous …

Jenson BF, Louise RF, Logan B1, Lily-May R1, Rufus Y1, Olivia & Samuel B2, Oliver R2, Eloise Y2, Jasmine B3, Luca & Scarlett R3, Mason Y3, Riley, Steven & Charlie B4, Danny & Tia R4, Evie-Mae Y4


 Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!