Golden Ticket Winners – 8th June



This week we were introduced to our new ‘Changing Me’ theme and we started by looking at individual snowflakes, butterflies and fingerprints before reflecting on how unique and special we all are too. Nobody in the entire world is exactly the same as us and we decided that that in itself was a reason to feel special.We particularly enjoyed working out who the mystery 4 year old boy in the photo that Mrs Smith showed us was and what would make him special and unique both then and now. 

The following children have shown us that not only are they special and unique but that they also respect and celebrate the uniqueness in others.
Well done to …

Pheobe – Grayling 1,  Emily – Meadow 1, Ella – Skipper 1, Zara – Grayling 2, Ollie – Meadow 2, Sophie – Grayling 3, Madison – Skipper 3, Rocco – Grayling 4, Feba – Meadow 4, Finley & Andy – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!