Golden Ticket Winners – 8th November


Congratulations to:

Jess B1, Harry R1, Brooke Y1, William B2, Lola R2, Leona Y2, 

Ethan B3, Georgia R3, Alec Y3, Naomi B4, Bradley R4, and Caitlin Y4

who have all won a Golden Ticket this week. Our theme for the week was ‘Helping Friends to Solve a Problem’ and all of these children have been spotted around our school displaying acts of kindness to other children and staff for example, encouraging their friends to walk away from a possible problem in the playground, looking after children who were hurt and explaining to staff what they needed to do to help them and even a very helpful Year One child who sorted out teachers orders for tea on the Story Night! Well done and enjoy your trip to ‘Damers Cinema’ – hopefully with something other than ‘Popcream and Icecorn’ as Mrs Smith told you!