Golden Ticket Winners – 8th Sept 2017


As this week has been our first week back in school following the summer holiday and a few things have changed, we have been thinking about how changes make us feel. We looked at some examples of change like new shoes, where the new thing is sometimes a lot less comfortable than the old thing, Mrs Smith’s new jumpers knitted by her granny where the new thing was great but the old ones were still there and still lovely too and new technology where the new thing looks great and sometimes instantly replaces the old with no looking back.

We all thought about the different feelings that change can bring and discovered that we were all feeling a mixture of emotions in the first week of a new school year.

The following children have made a great start to the year and have also ensured that other children have felt happy about change too. Well done to …


Macy – Grayling 1, Aiden – Meadow 1, Faith – Skipper 1, Jack – Grayling 2, Ernie – Meadow 2, Ethan – Skipper 2, Annabelle – Grayling 3, Poppy – Meadow 3, Natalie-Mai – Skipper 3, Zak – Grayling 4, Anna – Meadow 4, Eleanor – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!