Golden Ticket Winners – 9th March



Following our snow days last week we had a look at all the good news stories that came out of the two days when Dorset ground to a halt. There were so many great examples of people that had gone that extra mile to help out others who were in tricky situations and needed a helping hand and this fitted beautifully with our current focus on ‘Relationships’. 

We have so many children in our school who are always prepared to give a little extra to anyone who needs a helping hand and the following children have stood out recently as shining examples.
Well done to …

Chloe – Grayling 1, Lexis – Meadow 1, Summer – Skipper 1, Courtney – Grayling 2, Isla – Meadow 2, Leo – Skipper 2, Damien – Grayling 3, Freya – Meadow 3, Alfie – Skipper 3, Chloe – Grayling 4, Ella & Jack – Meadow 4, Ryan – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!