Golden Ticket Winners – 9th September


For our first Golden Ticket of the year we have been thinking about ‘Doorways of Opportunity’ and how hard it can be to try something new for the first time, just like opening a new door when you don’t know what’s on the other side. We realised that new beginnings sometimes require us to be brave and lots of us have been telling Mrs Smith individual stories about our own acts of bravery throughout the week. Mrs Smith rewarded us with a special token that we each need to treasure for the rest of the year to remind us about how great we feel when our bravery allows us to experience something new and then to really enjoy it!

Well done to the first Golden Ticket winners of the year who have shown that they are perfect examples of our new school motto …


Our special ‘Doorways of Opportunity’ token from Mrs Smith

Zara – Grayling 1, Taylor – Meadow 1, Jesse – Skipper 1, Olivia – Grayling 2, Poppy – Meadow 2, Alfie – Skipper 2, Samuel – Grayling 3, Rose – Meadow 3, Ryan – Skipper 3, Freya – Grayling 4, Bailey – Meadow 4, William – Skipper 4, Casey – Copper Base 


 Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!