Junior Governors


What are Junior Governors?

Our Junior Governors are a group of pupils who are appointed to represent the views of all children in our school and to ensure that all pupils’ voices are heard. They work hard together with their peers and alongside adults to try and make the school an even better place and to ensure that it is the best it can possibly be.

How do they know our children’s views?

Junior Governors are each allocated a link class. They meet with the children in their link class regularly and gather their views on specific areas through questionnaires, surveys and general discussions. They also carry out an annual survey of children’s views. To see the outcomes of their most recent whole school survey please click here.

What else do Junior Governors do?

Junior Governors are involved in a wide variety of school improvement activities. Examples include reviewing teaching and learning, looking at how to improve our outdoor provision, how to include nature and harmony in our learning and how to ensure that we look after our wonderful planet and keep it healthy for the future.  An important part of their work is to explore how we make every child in our school feel safe and have a strong sense of belonging within our beautifully diverse community.

Junior Governors are involved in the interview process for new staff and they find out which questions the children would like to ask the candidates. They meet the candidates, ask their questions and feedback their opinions to the formal interview panel.  Junior Governors also represent our school at a range of public events including the Remembrance Sunday Parade in Dorchester and have been known to meet future kings in their time! They act as valued ambassadors for our school and share an insight into the amazing things that make Damers so unique.

Junior Governors have the responsibility of communicating their ideas and work with the whole school through assemblies, link class meetings and community gatherings, presenting their ideas with teachers to school staff and the Governing Body.

How can children become a Junior Governor?

At the beginning of Year 4 the children find out about governance and the Junior Governor role in particular in assembly and have the opportunity to apply for the job. Their applications can take on a variety of forms and the children are simply asked to convince a panel that they will make an effective Junior Governor in whichever way they feel most comfortable. Some children like to write a letter, or make a short video or slideshow. Others get creative with posters, scrolls, poems, songs and pledges. Children are invited to an interview with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteachers. The applicants are shortlisted and appointed to the role. The Junior Governor group then elect their own Chair And Vice-chair.

How can you spot a Junior Governor?

All Junior Governors are given a special badge so you can recognise them around the school. They would be happy to talk to you about their job and how they enjoy the responsibility.

What do our Junior Governors say about the role that they play?

‘I want to make sure everyone is heard and feels safe’. ‘To be a Junior Governor you need to be brave, kind and respectful of other people’s thoughts.’ ‘I would like to help less confident children stand up for themselves.’ ‘I think everybody should have a voice’.
‘I am not afraid to talk to people and find out their views, what they like and I want to represent the school.’ ‘I would like to hear the opinions of others about any changes that could be made for the future of our school. They might be like different ways of teaching and different ways of learning.’ ‘I’m passionate about teamwork and listening to thoughts. I wanted to be a Junior Governor so I could listen to your fabulous ideas.’