Cycle, Scoot, Walk

At Damers, we want to encourage every child, family member and staff member to choose walking, cycling or scooting for all or part of their journey; you can read more about our plans in our Active Travel policy.

At the beginning of the year we hold our Bling Your Bike and No Car day which is usually very successful.  Children ‘bling’ their bikes and scooters and everyone makes the effort to come to school without their car.  We have also taken Year 4 children to ‘Dorchester Streets Alive’, an event celebrating International Car Free Day by reclaiming a car park.  Our children enjoyed fun activities and demonstrations and encouraged everyone to get out of their cars and support active travel.


Cycling, scooting and walking:

  • It’s healthy!
  • Exercise helps prepare our minds for learning
  • It reduces pollution around our school and community
  • It reduces traffic in our community keeping our roads safer
  • It’s fun!

Cycle / scooting routes:

You can use the Sustrans website to find local and national cycle routes.  If you have any routes you cycle, scoot or walk, share them with us!

Walking Zones

We have been working alongside Sustrans to explore further ways to address the traffic issues around our school.  Sustrans have very kindly produced this leaflet which shows the five and ten minute walking zones around our school.

We would really appreciate the support of as many parents as possible to reduce the current congestion around the school at drop off and pick up times.  If you currently arrive by car and are able to park outside the five minute walking zone and walk the rest of the way to school this would make a huge difference to the beginning and the end of the school day for all parents and children.

Keeping safe

Keeping safe whilst cycling, scooting and walking is particularly important during dark nights and late afternoons.  Lights, reflective clothing and accessories help make you more visible.  Helmets can help save lives; this 3 minute video from Halfords offers quick tips.

Get in touch!

We always welcome feedback on successful stories as well as areas we can improve and adapt our provision based on family and community feedback. Please feel free to share what has worked well in addition to constructive ideas.

Current feedback we are acting / have acted on:

  • Widening of the path by the Great Field
  • Additional storage for scooters within the school
  • Access to bike storage for adults outside the school entrance

You can get in touch with us by contacting a member of staff listed below, or if you would like to find out more about ‘Active Travel’, visit the Sustrans website.

Lydia Baker

Sustrans School Champion, Active Travel Coordinator & PE Coordinator

Edd Moore

Eco Coordinator

Jonathan Thomson

Bike It Officer Dorset