Stay and …

Each half term there will be an opportunity to join your child within the classroom setting and to see some important elements of our teaching and learning in action. Parents are welcome to learn alongside their children following the morning drop off (8.50 am) on the following dates …




Foundation 26th Sept Stay and Play – Maths
12th Oct Stay and Play – Phonics
7th Nov Stay and Play – Funky Fingers
23rd Nov Stay and Play – Christmas Maths
11th Jan Stay and Play  – Reading
24th Jan Stay and Play – Maths; Shapes, Space and Measure
6th Feb Stay and Play – Reading
8th Mar Stay and Play – Writing
9th May Stay and Play – Patterns
week of 23rd July Celebration of work – 3pm
Year 1 29th Sept Stay and Read – Phonics
9th Nov Stay and Solve – Maths
26th Jan Stay and Read – Phonics 
7th Mar Stay and Solve – Maths 
27th Apr Stay and Read – Phonics 
6th Jun Stay and Solve – Maths 
Year 2 28th Sept Stay and Spell
2nd Nov Stay and Read
11th Jan Stay and Watch – Time
8th Mar Stay and Pay – Money
26th Apr Stay and Multiply
14th Jun Stay and Grow – Mindset
Year 3  11th, 12th, 13th Oct Stay and Drum – Focus, concentration and teamwork
9th Nov Stay and Solve – Maths
16th Jan Stay and Challenge – Mindset
8th Mar Stay and Investigate – Science
19th Apr Stay and Spell
22nd May Stay and Learn – Children as mini-teachers
Year 4 6th Oct Stay and Read
17th Nov Stay and Rock! – TT Rock Stars
17th Jan Stay and Homework – Google Classroom
16th Mar Stay and Spell
18th Apr Stay and Calculate – Mental Maths
15th Jun Stay and Grow – Growth Mindset