Golden Ticket Winners – 4th April


The last two weeks have seen a whole-school celebration of healthy activities. Children across the school have been trying new sports, showing skills, determination, courage and perseverance.
Congratulations to the following children who have demonstrated that they are true ambassadors for healthy living over the last couple of weeks…

Sam BF, Destiny RF, Luke YF, Ted B1, Erika R1, Bailey Y1, Harvey B2, Freya R2,

Abi Y2, Courtnie B3, Phoebe R3, Marcus Y3, Sam B4, Issy R4 and Jamie Y4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!


The latest video of Damers Children’s Theatre is up!  Click here to watch ‘Stagefright’!

Golden Ticket Winners – 21st March


This week we have been looking out for children who are able to do that very difficult thing of walking away from a situation that has made them feel angry. We all agreed that this was a very hard thing to do especially if you feel that you have been treated unfairly. The following children have shown us that they are able to keep calm and carry on …

  Caitlin BF, Marley RF, Rosie YF, William B1, Scarlett R1, Zak Y1, Max B2, Leo R2,

Harry Y2, Laila B3, Lily R3, Seren Y3, Owen B4, Maddie R4 and Leo Y4

…well done to all and enjoy your Disco Swim!

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