Golden Ticket – 10th July


Our final week of Golden Tickets meant that we were celebrating a wealth of Damers ‘brilliance’ this week. From expert ‘Forest Schoolers’ to children that were facing the changes ahead with a smile, our Golden Ticket box was bursting with congratulations. Even the lovely Mrs Scott, who organises our Golden Ticket treats, found her name on one this week – and rightly so too!

Congratulations to …


Rhys B1, Kimmie R1, William B2, Rhys R2, Michelle Y2, Aaron B3, Ellie R3, Ollie & Isabelle B4, Pheobe & Mervin R4, Sophie Y4

Mrs Smith is looking forward to sharing afternoon tea (and lots of cake!) with you on Friday.

Golden Ticket – 3rd July


Last week was a big week for all of us in terms of looking ahead to September and thinking about the changes in store. On Thursday we all spent time in our new classes and some of us spent the day in our new schools. The day was filled with a mixture of nerves, excitement, anticipation, relief … so many different emotions for all of us. The following children have demonstrated a really positive approach to the changes ahead and have acknowledged that both they and their friends will be feeling a mix of emotions but are ready to face them with a smile …

Gracie-Mae BF, Alfie & Jayden RF, Callum YF, Olivia & Thomas B1, Ellie R1, Jack Y1, Joe B2, Warren & Autumn R2, Daisy Y2, Steven B3, Tia R3, David & Charlie Y3, Anas B4, Imogen R4, Kit Y4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!

Year 3 and 4 Sports Day

Here are a few photos from our recent Key Stage 2 Sports Day.  Look out for more in the July Newsletter which will be out at the end of term.

KS2 sports day 2015 (6) KS2 sports 2015 (12)
KS2 sports 2015 (17)

Shiver Me Timbers!

Ahoy shipmates, it’s Pirate Day for Year 2! Arrr! We’ve been climbin’ the rigging on our obstacle course, huntin’ for doubloons on our hunt for treasure and decoratin’ our ship’s biscuits to disguise the maggots. It was a great day to celebrrrrate all our hard work this half term.  Anchors aweigh!


1 2 3 25

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