Golden Ticket – 13th October


Last week we talked about how strong we can be when we work as a team and we listened to one of Aesop’s Fables – ‘The Bundle of Sticks’. The following children have shown how good they are at working together, respecting their friends and contributing their own enthusiasm to many different learning situations.

Well done to …

Imogen B1, Calum R1, Kerri Y1, Sophie B2, Olivia R2, Bailey Y2,

Patryk B3, Morten R3, Luke Y3, Courtnie B4, Merry R4, Lewis Y4, Freddie BB

Enjoy your trip to the Damers Cinema this week!

Home Learning Workshops

We will be hosting an evening of Home Learning Workshops on Monday 13 October – 6.00-7.30 pm.  This will allow all parents the opportunity to attend a number of 30 minute practical workshops delivered by our teaching staff and designed around the key areas that you have told us that you would welcome support in.  We look forward to seeing you there – for further details visit our Parent Partnership page and click the Workshops button.

Golden Ticket – 29th September


This week we have been thinking carefully about our ‘Right to Learn’ and what that actually means for both ourselves and our friends. The following children have demonstrated a great approach to learning this week, ensuring that everyone’s right to learn is always respected.

Well done to …

Paige B1, Amber R1, Faith Y1, Cora B2, Rhys R2, Ben Y2,

Nathan B3, Ashton R3, Daniel Y3, Josh B4 and Lucy R4

I look forward to sharing afternoon tea with you next week!

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