The Firebird!

As part of their music lessons and following on from their immersion in the BBC 10 pieces project, Year 4 have been creating digital art inspired by some of the BBC 10 Pieces.

We are very happy that this digital art creation, inspired by The Firebird by Stravinsky has been featured on the BBC 10 pieces website. Click here to watch our Firebird video on the BBC website.

Golden Ticket Winners


The story of ‘The Lion Who Wanted to Love’ helped us to understand our Golden Ticket theme this week and many of us have been trying hard to show love and kindness to all around us, just like Leo did. The following children have shown that they know how to be a really good friend …


Jasmine BF, Michael RF, Kira YF, Zac B1, Ryan R1, Mya Y1, Jacob B2,

Riley R2, Tyler Y2, William B3, Edric R3, Shanice Y3, Freddie B4, Ellie R4, Charlotte Y4, 

Enjoy your trip to the park!

Golden Ticket Winners – 20th March


This week we have been looking out for the children in our school that show that they can not only keep themselves safe but also look after other children by thinking about their safety. This was particularly important today when a number of our children were advising others about how to keep their eyes safe during the partial eclipse.

Well done to …

Olivia BF, Mazaharul RF, Poppy YF, Kyle B1, Destiny R1, Verity Y1, Summer B2,

Autumn R2, Layla Y2, Vinny B3, Lily-Mae R3, Ruby Y3, Tom B4, Grace R4, Jessica Y4, 

Mrs Smith is looking forward to having afternoon tea with you next week!

Golden Ticket Winners – 16th March


Another healthy week at Damers First school with a particular focus on physical activity this week. These bundles of healthy energy and enthusiasm have acted as perfect role models this week, showing us how physical activity can make us feel great!

Well done to …

Henri BF, Jackson RF, Benjy YF, Kacey B1, Finley R1, Kaidee Y1, Freyan B2, Lorna R2,

Oliver Y2, Harvey B3, Emmanuel R3, Ben Y3, Matthew B4, Connie R4, Rebecca Y4, 

Enjoy your trip to the Damers Cinema!

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