Today in Foundation we have been learning all about different types of bears. We learnt that polar bears have black skin! Don’t we look grrrreat in our polar bear and sun bear masks!


Golden Ticket – 2nd October


This week we have been looking out for children who really care about other people’s feelings. We started the week with the story of The Pizza Princess and with the help of Leo in Year 4 we heard about the importance of good manners. We have all been showing our amazing manners around school this week, stopping in the corridor and letting others pass, saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when needed and always remembering a polite ‘excuse me’!

The following children have shown us that their manners are impeccable…

Toby B1, Eva R1, Kieran Y1, Trey B2, Chloe R2, Lottie Y2, Millie & Blu B3, Rhys R3, Lucy Y3, Violet B4, Charlotte R4, Tyler Y4

Well done and enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!

In recognition of our amazing manners, from next week we are introducing some new whole-school rewards – our ‘Magic Manners’ stars …

Golden Ticket – 25th September


At Damers we love learning! Every child has a right to learn and in our school this is one of the most important parts of our School Charter as well as being at the heart of our Learning Pathway. We all know that we have a responsibility to be ready to learn and to ensure that everyone around us can learn too. The following children have shown us this week that they take this responsibility very seriously, as happy learners and as a great support for those who need a helping hand.

Well done to …

Conrad B1, Natalie-Mai R1, Ella Y1, Rhys B2, Evelyn R2, Ella Y2, Rory B3, Ellie-May R3, Rowan Y3, Bailey B4, Seren R4, Grace Y4, Brennan Blue Base

Enjoy your Party in the Park!

Golden Ticket – 18th September


Our School Charter can be seen in all of our classrooms and all around our school. It reminds us of our rights and responsibilities. We took some time this week to have a really good think about our charter and to remind ourselves of where it originally came from – the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Our School Charter helps us to make Damers an even better place and the following children have shown that they understand all of their rights and responsibilities through their actions this week.

Well done to …


Isla B1, Alfie R1, Caitlin Y1, Fraya B2, Annika R2, Kacey Y2, Jamie B3, Warren R3, Lewis Y3, Charlie B4, Freya R4, Daniel Y4

Enjoy your trip to the Damers Cinema!

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