Golden Ticket – 26th January

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‘Cooperation’ has been the word of the week this week with children thinking about how well they work with others or as part of a team. This was put into a great context during our Monday assembly when we were visited by the ‘Waste Wizard’ who helped us to think about a collective effort to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Well done to …

Logan BF, Emily RF, Oliver YF, Olivia B1, Charlie R1, Jack Y1, Baylee B2, Harvey R2,

Joseph Y2, John B3, Jasmine R3, Holly Y3, Bethony B4, Anna R4, Euan Y4 

Enjoy your treat!

Golden Ticket Winners – 19th January


This week we looked at the fascinating work of an incredible artist called Dalton Ghetti who creates sculptures from discarded pencils. Sometimes his sculptures can take up to a year to create but through his work he demonstrates incredible patience and determination to succeed, even when challenges occur. We have all tried incredibly hard this week to show that we too always keep on trying, even when things become a little tough.

Well done to …


dalton ghetti

Rose BF, Dane RF, Tom YF, Nicole B1, George R1, Ella Y1, Rory B2, Ronnie R2,

Ruby Y2, Charlie B3, Liam R3, Tyler & Finlay Y3, Laila B4, Jacob R4, Leighton Y4 

Enjoy your Golden Ticket Swim next week!

Home Learning

In addition to the weekly literacy and maths tasks that your child will bring home to support their learning, we also send home some Home Learning suggestions which support the wider curriculum. The Home Learning tasks can be completed at any point within the current theme and allow children time to explore concepts at their own pace and to a degree that works within your own time constraints and the business of family life. This term’s Home Learning suggestions can be found under our ‘Curriculum’ tab or by clicking here.

Golden Ticket winners – 12th January

golden-ticket During our first week back we began to look at our dreams and goals and how hard we try to reach them. In our first assembly some children helped to demonstrate what can sometimes happen when our dreams feel too hard to reach and we become distracted. The following children however, have shown through their actions that they always maintain their motivation, even when things are challenging.Well done to …

Carson B1, Bethany R1, Lottie Y1, Hope B2, Prentice R2, Layla Y2,

Ellie B3,  Freya R3, Jack Y3, Ethan B4, Jacob R4, Finley Y4 

Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!

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