Golden Ticket – 15th May


The story of Elmer in our assembly this week helped us to think about the respect that we have for our friends and throughout the week we have seen many examples of children who know how great it is to be different and how to respect the differences in others. Just like Elmer, the children at Damers know that we don’t all have to be the same to belong.

Well done to …


Lucas BF, Phoebe RF, Samuel B1, Bertram & Borka R1, El-ara Y1, Hope B2,

Olivia R2, Joshua Y2, Emma B3, Malia R3, Harry Y3, Pippa B4, Georgia R4, Emma Y4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!

Golden Ticket Winners – 8th May


This week we have been looking out for children who make other children feel part of a group. We all know how great it feels to be comfortable with a group of friends but we recognise that some children find it hard to join in sometimes or to include others who may be feeling a little out of sorts.

Well done to …

Jack B1, Dylan R1, Grace-Sarah Y1, Sophie B2, Merlyn R2, Xavier Y2,

Tyler B3, Tia R3, Jiya Y3, Jack B4, Carly R4, Davine Y4

You have all demonstrated a real concern for your friends this week through your words and actions.  Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!

Golden Ticket Winners – 1st May


Last week we were on the lookout for children who play a vital role in helping to find solutions when things go wrong with friendships. We used our playground toys as a focus for our problem-solving skills, looking out for children who were struggling to share or agree on the rules of a game. The following children showed that they have amazing problem-solving skills and that they are often seen spreading smiles and supporting friendships in our playground.

Well done to …


Ellierose & Yomna BF, Hamish RF, Kira & Kieran YF, Ellen B1, Kai R1, Fraya Y1, Amy B2,

Milosh R2, Lucy Y2, Austin B3, Murray R3, Robin Y3, Evan B4, Frankie R4, Oliver Y4

Mrs Smith is looking forward to afternoon tea with you!

Golden Ticket Winners – 24th April


This week we have been looking for children who know how to make a new friend. Whether it’s taking care of a new arrival in our school, getting to know a classmate better or generally looking out for others who are struggling with friendships, the Damers children always show that they are careful and kind. Congratulations to …

Skye BF, Calum R1, Tyler Y1, Dylan B2, Ella R2, Mason Y2,

Morgan B3, Kai R3, Mariana Y3, Sophia B4, Keenan R4, Lola Y4, 

who have all demonstrated their valuable friendships this week.

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