Golden Ticket Winners – 27th January


This week we have been looking out for the children in our school who demonstrate a positive attitude no matter what they are faced with. These children know the power of a smile and the joy that they feel when they experience success, simply because they didn’t give up. They will all tell you that this isn’t easy to do and that it takes hard work and effort. They will also tell you that their perseverance always pays off.

Well done to …


Robyn & Rufus – Grayling F, Benji & Lewis – Meadow F, James & Ella – Skipper F, April – Grayling 1, Theo – Meadow 1, Indi – Skipper 1, Jasmine – Grayling 2, Ollie – Skipper 2, Skye – Grayling 3, Lewis – Meadow 3, Emily – Skipper 3, Jessica – Grayling 4, Daisy – Meadow 4, Erika – Skipper 4

Enjoy your afternoon tea with Mrs Smith!

Exciting News!

google_refschool_badge_sm-1-2Following recognition of our practice in this area, Damers First School has been chosen to be a Google Reference School, joining only 31 other schools and colleges in England. This means that we will now offer support to other schools, host training opportunities for colleagues and will continue to work closely with Google supporting the development of future technologies for use in schools.

We are really proud of our new status and feel that it reflects the forward thinking nature of Computing across our school and the amazing drive of the staff that lead us in this area. Well done Damers!