Feedback From Our Parents

Parent Feedback Questionnaire results – July 2021

A few quotes from our parents:

“We are so proud to be part of the Damers family, and this year has demonstrated just how amazing the school really is.The teachers have gone above and beyond to encourage and engage students during the challenging months of home learning and have shown continued passion, enthusiasm and care ever since. My daughter will cherish her memories of Damers forever … a school led with courage and compassion.

“My child only spent their final year at Damers but showed remarkable improvement in all areas of learning during that time. Although we are leaving, the imprints of this school shall echo in her personality forever.”

Number of respondents: 133 (Foundation – 32, Year 1 – 22, Year 2 – 11, Year 3 – 27, Year 4 – 27, no year indicated – 14)


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