Clubs and Activities

At Damers we believe that providing a clubs and activities programme is beneficial in many ways. Not only can after-school activities be fun and entertaining, but they can teach important life skills. For children participating in out of school activities it can help to improve their physical development, creativity, social development and self-confidence.

Our after school clubs are mostly led by teachers and run in half termly blocks. A few clubs are run by external professionals: for which there is a small charge. A new menu of activities opens on School Cloud towards the end of each half term and we now ask you to book through that system. We currently accommodate approximately 160 children in clubs.

Club Schedule

Day Club Teacher Age Group Exit
Monday Outdoor art and nature Mrs Keys Years 1 & 2 Main entrance
  Chess Mr Oram Years 3 & 4 Lych gate
  Forest School Mrs Prendergast Years 1 & 2 Lych gate (4.15pm)
  Digital Music Makers Shawn Keys Year 4 Main entrance
  Board Games Mrs Scott Years 1 & 2 Foundation gate
Tuesday Messy play Miss Baker Foundation (invited) Foundation gate
  Mindfulness Art and Music Mrs Hollingworth Years 1 & 2 Lych gate
  Football – contact Mr Senior directly to book on 07771 903795 Mr Senior Years 3 & 4 Gallows Down Lane gate (4.30pm)
  Dippers Mrs Hirst and Mrs Berry Years 1 & 2 (invited) Lych gate
  Jigsaw puzzles Mrs Beasley Years 1 & 2 Main entrance
  Reading Cafe Miss Mansell Years 1 & 2 Main entrance
  Fun food Mrs Kenny and Mrs Gardiner Invited Y3 gate
Wednesday Music – contact DASP Music directly to book at Mr Baker Year 4 Main entrance
Thursday Weaving Miss Goodridge Years 1 & 2 Foundation gate
  Yoga Mrs Wray Years 3 & 4 Main hall
  Cooking Miss Nesbitt All years Main entrance
  Ball Skills Mr Senior Years 3 & 4 Y3 gate
  French food and fun Mrs Huelin Years 1 & 2 Lych gate
  Sensory club Miss Norris and Mrs Berry Invited Y3 gate
Friday ICT Miss Stretton Years 3 & 4 Main entrance