Golden Ticket – 13th October


In all of our classrooms now you will see our Learning Charters and the rights and responsibilities that we have agreed to make sure that we work well together as a team. We’ve been thinking about lots of different aspects of teamwork in our assemblies, whether it’s a dance group, workers in a factory, a sports team or even the way that animals work together as a team supporting each other in the wild.

The following children have shown us that they are role model team members, showing mutual respect and tolerance to everyone within their group and ensuring that together they achieve their absolute best.

Well done to …


Jayden – Grayling 1, Chloe – Meadow 1, Isabelle – Skipper 1, Oscar – Grayling 2, Melissa – Meadow 2, Harry – Skipper 2, Jack – Grayling 3, Molly – Meadow 3, Tom – Grayling 4, Ella – Meadow 4


Congratulations and enjoy your golden ticket treat!

Butterfly Award – 13th October

Our Damers butterflies emerge in different places, at different times and for many different reasons. This week we were amazed when we heard about the achievement of Kalli Wright in Year 1 who has just been awarded a black belt in the martial arts.

Kalli has shown great determination and perseverance in achieving this standard and we are all delighted to recognise our first ‘Black Belt Butterfly’! Well done Kalli.

Butterfly Award – 25th September

This week one of our pupils showed us the meaning of ‘brave, unique, caring and kind’ at its absolute best …
Willow Barnes had signed up for The Superhero Fun Run to raise money for the Weldmar Hospice and sadly this event had to be cancelled due to low numbers taking part. Although initially disappointed, Willow was not deterred and decided that she would still do the fun run anyway and continued to do what she could to raise further sponsorship. If you were in Lodmoor Country Park on Sunday 24 September you may have seen Willow and some members of her family, all dressed as Superwoman – still running, still smiling and still raising over £200 for Weldmar Hospice.
We are all really proud of you and your determination Willow – well done. Damers butterflies never give up!

Golden Ticket – 15th September 2017


With the help of the legendary Max Bygraves and his wonderful song ‘You Need Hands’ this week, we have been thinking about all the things that our hands can do. Saying hello, comforting our friends, offering reassurance, entertaining people, dancing … the list was endless and we all decided that our hands are truly unique and amazing things. We realised in particular how important our hands can be at the beginning of a school year, particularly when our friends need a ‘helping hand’, or some gentle, warm reassurance.
The following children take great pride in showing us the power of kind and gentle hands every day …

Jaden – Grayling 1, Maya – Meadow 1, Oscar – Skipper 1, Bobby – Grayling 2, Austin – Meadow 2, Oliver – Skipper 2, Sophie – Grayling 3, Annabelle – Meadow 3, Adam  – Skipper 3, Sienna – Grayling 4, Jack – Meadow 4, Emily – Skipper 4


Congratulations and enjoy your golden ticket treat!
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