Golden Ticket Winners – 24th November


This week we have been thinking about problem solving, not just within Damers but on a wider scale too. Mrs Smith shared some examples of children from our school who have sent ‘ripples’ of kindness far and wide like Ellie and Sienna who both had their hair cut and donated it to the Little Princess Trust for sick children, Nicholas who works hard for environmental causes and was awarded a green Blue Peter badge in recognition of this last week and Cecily who gave up her Saturday morning to plant bulbs in our school grounds with her family. 

These were just three examples but there are so many children in our school who are problem solving leaders and are always on the lookout for opportunities to share their thoughtfulness and kindness and to make the world an even better place.
Well done to …

Alfie – Grayling 1, Noah – Meadow 1, James – Skipper 1, Louis – Grayling 2, Ethan – Meadow 2, Jensen – Skipper 2, Jay – Grayling 3, Alex – Meadow 3, Leo – Skipper 3, Hannah – Grayling 4, Daniel – Meadow 4, Chloe – Skipper 4

Enjoy your trip to the Damers Golden Ticket Cinema!

Golden Ticket Winners – 17th November


Recently we have celebrated Friendship Pal week and we have been thinking about changing the world with small acts of kindness. 
In assembly on Monday we found out all about Gandhi, a man who created much change in the world through kindness and peaceful protest and we were inspired by his words “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. So this week we have been determined to fill the world with kindness, knowing that each act of kindness sends out a ripple effect amongst our friends.
The following children send out regular ‘kindness ripples’ every day and have been perfect Friendship Pals this week …

Zoe- Grayling 1, Tao – Meadow 1, Isla – Skipper 1, April – Grayling 2, Danny – Meadow 2, Celine – Skipper 2, Lucas – Grayling 3, Jemima – Meadow 3, Ben – Skipper 3, Rachel – Grayling 4, Jack – Meadow 4, Megan – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!

Golden Ticket Winners – 10th November


This week we have been thinking about how to include other children, particularly in our play. We have all been very excited about the new playground equipment and have had great fun inventing games with our friends, but we have also noticed that there are sometimes children who find playtimes difficult.

We have all been on the lookout for any children who look sad or lonely at playtimes and have been finding ways to make them feel welcome and included in our games.

Well done to …


Imogen – Grayling 1, Chloe – Meadow 1, Jacob – Skipper 1, Jenson – Grayling 2, Sofia – Meadow 2, Jack – Skipper 2, Orland – Grayling 3, Jason – Meadow 3, Willow – Skipper 3, Sophia – Grayling 4, Tilly – Meadow 4, Fardin – Skipper 4

 You have all made someone smile this week. Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat.

Butterfly Award – 20th October

Sometimes our Damers butterflies take a while to emerge but when they do they can astound everyone around them with their light and their colour. Sophia Millican has done exactly that and is such a deserving winner of the Butterfly Award.

Sophia has always shown a quiet determination to persevere when things have proved tricky and she never gives up. She is now beginning to show how much her confidence has grown throughout her time at Damers and when announced in our celebration assembly, every teacher that has taught Sophia went across to congratulate her as they all recognised the butterfly that has been determined to emerge for years! Well done Sophia, we are all incredibly proud of you and your unique and brave approach to challenge.

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