Global Learning

Global Learning at Damers

Whilst the children are with us at Damers, we will  provide all children with opportunities to broaden their understanding of the world around them. We want all of our pupils to have opportunities to experience and understand what it means to be a child living in a local and global community.

During the children’s time at Damers, we aim to:

We aim to do this in many ways through implementing a carefully crafted curriculum by:

  • Embedding our harmony principles
  • Discussing British Values, Global Goals and sustainability
  • Proactively demonstrating our rights and responsibilities
  • Exploring class pledges to support our community
  • Learning about age appropriate past and current events
  • Finding out about people, places and stories from around the world
  • Asking questions and learning how to find out the answers
  • Implementing PSHE and RE to better understand ourselves and our peers
  • Using quality resources such as stories and artefacts to promote discussion
  • Avoiding and challenging stereotypes and promoting inclusivity

Enquiry Questions, Harmony Principles and Sustainability themes throughout our school